Monday, January 24, 2011

"Brown is beautiful" simply does not fly among white-skin-obssessed Filipinos

In the wake of yet another "Filipino" victory overseas -- the winning of "mocha-skinned" Danica Flores Magpantay' in the 2011 Ford Supermodel of the World contest -- highlighted yet again is how concepts of beauty and talent hardly recognised and often ignored in the Philippines are what turn out to be the biggest assets of our compatriots in other countries. Pride swells when success is achieved, but appreciation for the active ingredients are gained after the fact.
"So to my dear Filipinas - take a look. Venus Raj, Danica Magpantay. Beautiful, dusky, exotic. STOP with the whitening creams already," [Model and former VJ Sarah Meier-Albano] tweeted.

Filipinos tend to turn to whitening products in an effort to achieve a complexion as fair as most commercial models and Hollywood stars.

Vice President Jejomar Binay earlier noted that a number of skin care companies are distorting the concept of beauty by pushing the use of cosmetics that make a person's complexion lighter.

"Cosmetic firms have been selling their products by subliminally promoting distaste for our natural brown complexion," Binay said in an interview.

Trouble with Pinoys: we are too busy copying to appreciate and develop what is indigenously inherent. Preference and adulation is instead showered on the tall and grotesquely fair-skinned but pathetically mediocre local celebrities.


  1. Stood in line behind a couple of teenagers at the store yesterday, obviously siblings, maybe 15-16 years old. The boy was dark-skinned -- call it milk-chocolate color. His sister's arms were that color, too, but her face was a color that would look more natural on oatmeal.

  2. The joke is you can not wash it off with a soap, you can swim on a pool of bleach to get laundry result. In the same token many fair skined folks frequent tanning saloons and also use tanning lotions to get that color affect, but alas! Your DNA has betrayed you. Obsession with skin color is a construct.

  3. what may work for Joanne may not necessarilly work for Juanita.

    alala ko tuloy ang isang comment sa AP. I forgot who said it though.

    "No amount of Eskinol Whitening w/Papaya Extract can erase your unggoy looks"