Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too easy: Evangelista, Sensil, Lozano murders "solved"!

Sounds too easy. According to Central Luzon police director Chief Supt. Alan Purisima, the murder of car dealer Venson Evangelista, and of car dealer Emerson Lozano and companion Ernane Sensil are "solved". Picked up as evidence so far are an assortment of artifacts that practically fit the testimonies of suspects Alfred Mendiola and Ferdinand “Batibot” Parulan who "surrendered" to police recently.

Evidence so far collected include (as reported on the firearms and ammunition, a half-burnt license of one of the victims, empty kerosene cans, and vehicles supposedly used to block the victims' vehicles from escaping.
Like Purisima, [PNP spokesperson Chief Supt. Agrimero] Cruz said Evangelista’s case was considered solved with the arrest of Mendiola and Parulan and the raid on the apartment in San Fernando.

Cruz said the apartment had yielded other pieces of evidence linking the Dominguez group to the killing of Evangelista, the most vital being the latter’s partially burned driver’s license.

He said two vehicles were found at the apartment—a Ford Expedition painted gold and a Mitsubishi Pajero painted green.

The Pajero was purportedly used to block Evangelista’s Land Cruiser before his abduction.

So far so good, but perhaps consider a couple of possibilities in light of how easy the "solving" of this crime had come across so far:

(1) The Police had tolerated and maybe even profited from these criminal operations the whole while;

(2) When the proverbial brown stuff hit the fan, fall guys and a high profile arrest needed to be produced for show; and,

(3) A statement needed to be issued to reassure an increasingly restless public.

All, as soon as possible. After all, someone's political capital is being rapidly eroded as all this transpires.

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