Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kris Aquino weighs in on President Noynoy Aquino's Porsche

Presidential sister actress Kris Aquino weighed in her awesome media muscle to defend her brother Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III against critics who continue to highlight issues surrounding his purchase of a Porsche for personal use. The actress laid out a litany of justifications in her appeal to the public that they simply make the issue go away.
"No. 1, he is single and this is his joy. Pangalawa, it's not like he never had a car before all of this happened. Pangatlo, hindi naman siya nagdo-droga, hindi siya nagsusugal, hindi siya naglalasing gabi-gabi. Hindi naman kaliwa't kanan ang babaeng nali-link sa kanya," she said.

"So kung talagang sasakyan lang ang release niya or ang pinagtutuunan niya ng pansin na nagbibigay ng konting kaligayahan at stress relief [ako ang pinagdadasal ko mapagbigyan siya]," she added.

The "Queen of all Media" stressed that PNoy's personal money was used in purchasing the P4.5-million white Porsche. She said he did not steal the money from government's coffer.

"I can swear to the fact na hindi niya ninakaw ang perang pinambili doon and hindi naman niya siguro sisirain ang pangalan namin dahil lang sa isang Porsche," she said.

In the language of the civilised, this is the case she presented in her pitch to excuse the Philippine President's very public personal indulgence:

(1) He is single.

(2) Cars are his "joy".

(3) He does not do drugs.

(4) He does not gamble.

(5) He does not drink -- every night.

(6) He does not do women left and right.

Apparently, Kris Aquino misses the point.

The Point can be summarised in a single question:

What does President Noynoy Aquino actually do?

Strange how a voice such as that of Kris Aquino that can hold its own and stand out even amongst the noisy chatter of Philippine showbiz, suddenly shrinks in stature when backdropped by the silence of MalacaƱang.
[...] the Barkadahan administration seems to be nowhere in sight. Even the usually breathtakingly clueless deputy spokesperson has not been heard from for days.

The last time we heard anything from the three-headed communications group was when the dapper Secretary Ricky Carandang, arrogant as ever, reacted to the latest video of Mae Paner (featuring the President’s purchase of a P4.5 million Porsche) with typically catty remarks: “I cannot speculate on her mental state. I have not seen it and I don’t care.”

Maybe the President simply does not care either.

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