Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bishop Oliveros: Filipino Catholics who support Reproductive Health not 'real Catholics'

According to Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros, Filipinos who consider themselves to be of the Roman Catholic faith can no longer be considered "real Catholics" if they support the passing of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill currently being debated in Congress...
Are they still Catholic if they vote for RH? I don’t think so. They will be Catholics in name only...

To Oliveros, it is inconceivable how "real" Catholics could support the RH Bill. Says Oliveros, "Our popes have been very consistent in saying that using artificial contraception is not in agreement with our faith. We cannot do that. Why can’t they see that?" It seems though that the good Malolos Bishop stops short of any insight on what God actually says.

And therein lies the whole problem with the Roman Catholic Church. It is an organisation of "men" founded on the belief that God speaks "through" them. This belief is now being stretched as the behaviour of its supposedly "humble" officials no longer seems consistent with the spirit of the word of the God they presume to be an authority on.

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