Friday, July 8, 2011 and file conflicting and sketchy reports on pro-Duterte Davao rally

Davao City residents are increasingly being organised into a show of "support" for the Duterte clan. News outlets and the are on the scene to "report" developments there, but the quality of the information they provide seems suspect.

The Davao City Chapter of the Barangay Councilor's League of the Philippines (BCLP) is planning to "stage" a rally today (08 July 2011) according to a report.

A report by the however indicated that cause-oriented groups over there are apparently balking at coming forward to be seen as being openly responsible for organising any such rally. Furthermore and contrary to the SunStar report, that report showed the BCLP as no more than a participant in (and not an organiser of) said rally.

The also "reports" that a certain "local bureaucrat" said that "someone" had "asked" for a rally permit. A "local bureaucrat" and "someone" in effect gave "statements" to that media outlet's "reporter." This begs the question, who exactly declined to name names? Was it the Inquirer reporter (also not named) who filed the report that witheld the names? Or was it the sources themselves who declined to be named?

It seems traditional Media in this instance rather than adding clarity to the information is muddling it further.

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