Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Filipino Americans favour re-election of US President Barack Obama because of his perceived racial preferences

The multi-million body strong Filipino American community is reportedly gearing up for a campaign to re-elect US President Barack Obama on the basis of a "strong" view on the racial composition of America's government offices...
Jason Lagria, national co-chairman of Kaya Filipino Americans for Progress shared his strong opinion of why he chose to work towards the re-election of President Obama.

“Look at his record on diversity – he’s nominated 8 Asian-Americans to federal courts when there were just 7 ever before that. He’s basically doubled the number of Asian Americans in the judiciary and he’s done the same thing in his Cabinet and throughout his administration.”

Filipino-Americans showed strong support for Obama's candidacy in the last US presidential election.

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  1. Is that the only reason? Among the many, Fil-Ams as sub-group has always been confused because of their core belief on multi-culturalism, nothing more as a latchback to the former, for the love of hypenation.