Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Philippine Media blamed for war mongering over Mindanao conflict

Confirming much of our more sensible takes (specifically Ilda Pro's and Ben Kritz's) on the role punditry and arms-length news "reporting" play in determining the fate of thousands when it comes to armed conflict, Darwin Wally Wee of the news site China Buzz put much of the blame squarely upon the shoulders of Philippine Media for creating a warlike attitude among the kibitzing Filipino public.
[Philippine] mainstream media has created a situation where “war” is the sole solution to the cycle of conflicts in Mindanao.

A popular evening news channel even conducted a text message poll on October 20, asking the viewers if they would favor an all-out war against the MILF.

It triggered a rally in some Muslim-dominated areas in Mindanao calling for boycott of a major television network for feeding on the grief and anger caused by the 19 soldiers’ deaths.

Philippine Mainstream Media which is dominated by ABS-CBN and the GMA Network have long been criticised for their unique brand of hearsay reporting and "to-be-confirmed" news "reports".

Like everything else in the Philippines, whether it be disastrous flooding, or armed-to-the-teeth warlords, the Philippine Media — that supposed bastion of enlightenment, truth, and (get this), “information”, simply fails to lead the way in helping the public focus on what is important.

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