Thursday, May 3, 2012

Urban poor kept out of the picture in Asian Development Bank (ADB) convention in Manila

It is reminiscent of the days when former First Lady Imelda Marcos, also then governor of the Philippines' National Capital Region which included Metro Manila and its suburbs in the 1970s built walls and to hide the blight of poverty in her realm from visiting foreign dignitaries. The true character and face of Metro Manila is once again swept under the rug as the government of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III hosts this year's meeting of regional finance officials Asian Development Bank governors.
A makeshift, temporary wall has been erected across a bridge on a road from the airport to downtown Manila that hides a sprawling slum along a garbage-strewn creek.

Presidential spokesman Ricky Carandang defended the wall's installation, saying Thursday "any country will do a little fixing up before a guest comes."


"We need to show our visitors that Metro Manila is orderly. We owe it to ourselves," said metropolital Manila chief Francis Tolentino.

"I see nothing wrong with beautifying our surroundings. We are not trying to keep the poor out of the picture," he said.
A “courtesy lane” will also be in effect along Roxas Boulevard to ensure that the effects of Manila's renowned traffic management ineptitude does not sap the energies of the meeting participants...
[MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino ] said the designation of the courtesy lanes is part of the country's showing hospitality to the foreign delegates being the host country for this year's meet.

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  1. thelongfallofprose03 May, 2012 19:29

    One of the many faces of Juan Tamad's ningas kugon...