Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Manila reportedly 'in chaos' due to flooding brought about by torrential rains in turn brought about by God's wrath

Apparently, Manila by its very nature, is prone to the sort of disaster unfolding today as torrential monsoon rains dump floodwaters all over the city. CNN notes at the end of its report on today's disaster...
The population of the metropolitan Manila region is nearly 12 million, according to a census taken in 2010. Infrastructure is poor and poverty is widespread in the region. Many people live in crowded neighborhoods full of badly constructed houses.

Hardly surprising then. As if all that weren't enough, many of Manila's residential areas were developed on the floodplains that lie along the web of river and tributary systems that enmesh much of Metro Manila. As of this writing, Quezon City and Marikina City are already neck-deep in floods with residents crowding evacuation centres or stranded in rooftops.

Many Filipinos have taken the opportunity to associate this latest disaster with the on-going debate against the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) currently being "debated" in Congress. Filipinos are renowned for being a superstitious people and many have likened this latest deluge as a manifestation of God's anger over people's support for the bill which contains measures that run counter to Catholic dogma on artificial contraception.

According to "Advocates of Life" in a recent tweet...
i wouldnt be surprised if the flooding in #manila is an expression of God's wrath over the #rhbill - #prolife #personhood #tcot #NOTORHBILL

To most Filipinos, the solutions to flooding are obvious it seems.

[Photo coutesy WanderingBlindly.com.]

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