Monday, April 22, 2013

Nancy Binay jumps to 3rd place in 'popularity' ranking along with Cynthia Villar

According to an April "pre-election survey" conducted by research firm Social Weather Stations (SWS) senatorial candidates Cynthia Villar (LP) and Nancy Binay (UNA) now share third place up from ninth and 12th respectively in January. The survey reportedly covered 1,800 "representative voters" across the nation.

Candidate Nancy Binay's showing is impressive considering the criticism she has been attracting for her lack of an issues-based platform underlying her candidacy. She has also shrinked away from a challenge to a debate by LP candidate Risa Hontiveros who has consistently ranked below the Top 12 most popular candidates throughout this campaign.

"Kung i-call niya yung buyo sa amin (if she accepts my challenge), I would really welcome it because it would give me a chance to talk about my track record," Hontiveros said.
Hontiveros was a three-term representative of the Akbayan party-list in the House of Representatives before she ran for senator in the 2010 national elections. She ranked 13th.
Nancy Binay, on the other hand, has no experience in legislation but served as personal assistants to her parents former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay and Vice President Binay, who was also former mayor of Makati City.
UNA candidates insist they are "prepared for debates" but say it is unlikely that any such could push through due to "tight campaign schedules".


  1. oh god seriously? 3 si binay? come on... she doesnt deserve that spot

  2. how is it possible na 3 si binay? who would want to vote for anyone without experience anyway? sus wag na yan si binay!

  3. it doesn't matter.she already won however she didnt attend her proclamation. folow the latest election results on