Friday, February 11, 2011

Antonio Trillanes or Angelo Reyes - who between them really is the disgraced soldier?

Filipinos are in the midst of an effort to come to grips with the death of an accomplished senior soldier, Retired General Angelo Reyes, said to have resulted from a pointless grilling he received from publicity-hungry senators. Eyes are now being turned to the conduct of the people who grilled him, mutineer-turned-"senator" Antonio Trillanes IV in particular whose heavy-handed Pit Bull attack on Reyes was described by the Editor as a "sophomoric put-down" and one marked by "disdain and disrespect".

Another report by the included a short account of Trillanes's attack on Reyes...
During the Senate hearing last week, emotions ran high when Reyes tried to respond to accusations that he skimmed off military funds when he was AFP chief of staff and received P50 million on his retirement, charges he indirectly denied.

“I’m just trying to protect my reputation here,” Reyes then said. “I have served this government for 48 years.”

“No, no, no, you don’t have any reputation to protect,” Trillanes said. “I believe this is the time of reckoning. ... You better find very good lawyers.”

[My boldface for emphasis.]

Trillanes who is just out of a seven-year prison stint is a beneficiary of an amnesty grant -- one given despite his own case still pending legal closure before due process was supplanted by the politics of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.
As a Navy lieutenant, Trillanes led a short-lived mutiny in 2003, seizing the posh Oakwood apartment hotel in Makati City, calling on then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step aside for corruption before surrendering. He was jailed for over seven years but was provisionally freed in December last year. He later applied for amnesty.

This is something worth highlighting when one considers the viciousness in the way he pounced upon Reyes in the Senate hearing. Perhaps it could be a case of professional jealousy. Whereas Trillanes's flaccid uprising fizzled out, Reyes's move was well-timed and executed...
As AFP chief of staff, Reyes in a crucial moment in the move to oust then President Joseph Estrada in 2001, also on corruption allegations, withdrew support from his Commander in Chief in what he later said was an attempt to preserve the divided military.

The four stars on the shoulder pads of Reyes shine even brighter in his death, leaving a legacy of honor and courage that may be difficult for men and women in uniform to emulate, [Maj. Gen. Leopoldo Maligalig, a former superintendent of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA)] said.

Indeed, seen from this light, between Trillanes and Reyes it becomes quite obvious who the disgraced soldier really is.


  1. Tunay na Magdalo11 February, 2011 16:49

    Trillanes was 4th biggest spender - with P878, 496 and P253, 810 for local and foreign trips, While in jail!

    Aquino was 6th biggest spender - while doing NOTHING! No laws passed!

  2. where is honor and courage in taking a life that does not belong to you but only for GOD to take it?

  3. If a soldier's family corners contracts to the institution that he served the one who says he has integrity coz the other has not is really the one that needs his head examined

  4. obviously it is not Trillanes who is disgraced. He was jailed not because of corruption, despite of 7years in jail, he remained strong...never tried to commit suicide...7years without right and freedom to be with his family because of what he was fighting for...disdain and disrespect? of course not...what do you expect from a person who jailed for many years because of expose of corruption which he thinks right and now have evidence and witness?....

  5. the previous commenter's wanting in the reading comprehension skills department.

    i'm just sayin'.

  6. Ang nagpakamatay ang disgraced.

  7. let one who has not sinned cast the first stone...

  8. The number problem of Trillanes is his lack of manner to be respectful not only to senior officers like Reyes, but to his personality as well, using BASELESS, HYPOCRITE WORDS. I agree, the one who cast the first stone is the disgraced one. The only advantage he has is that he is still alive and can make more media mileage for being BASTOS!

  9. it goes without saying.

  10. Trillianes is the disgraced one! No matter how much he denies, in the solitude of his lonesome he knows he is a party to be blamed in Gen. Reyes' death... Same goes to Sen. Unggoy...este...Jinggoy...(I'm allowed to a slip of a tongue just like him, right?...)

  11. Trillianes is not the only disgraced one. Could not imagine how his parents must have felt seeing their son on national tv taunting and lambasting a person even older than themselves... I hope hindi siya pinalaki ng parents niya ng walang modo kahit man lang sa isang taong mas nakatatanda sa kanya... obvious grandstanding! Maybe trillianes & jinggoy felt macho in being brute, feeling kasi nila shooting sa pelikula. No matter how poker face jinggoy will try to show, in his heart he knows he pulled the trigger on the gun which killed Gen. Reyes. Conscience ang katapat n'on...

  12. well it shows on this article whose side are you on. but that does not mean that you are right. para kang ring isa sa mga heneral na makikitid ang utak. inuuna pang intindihin ang pag-respeto sa upperclassmen bago ang tunay na kahulugan sa pag-respeto sa bayan. sana naisip ni Reyes yun bago nya pag-nakawan ang bayan. and now what, put the blame on Trillanes just because you feel that Reyes was lambasted?Come on, let's all be rational.

    On the early part of the hearing, Trillanes was very much courteous to Reyes but as the hearing progressed Reyes was the one who wanted to take control of the hearing. He wanted to ask questions directly to Rabusa.

    I hope di ginawa ang blog na ito para lang manira ng ibang tao. Kahit na kita sa iyong panunulat kung anong klaseng baluktot na pag-iisip ang meron ka.

  13. Reyes wanted to "ask questions directly to Rabus". But he asked to be allowed to do so properly. All Trillanes needed to do was deny that request properly too. Instead, he went all tililing on Reyes like the adolescent ex-jailbird that he is. Tough luck. :-D

  14. You people who keeps on applauding (or glorifying) the misdeeds of Gen.Reyes have a sordid-misplaced sense of values, morality, and patriotism! Shame on you!

    Imagine, you defending a corrupt general and finding fault on the person who is supposed to be helping the the country find the truth?

    "Cast the first stone?" ano gusto nyo, wala na mamansin ng me maling ginagawa? kanya kanyang kunsinti na lang? no one is trying to be righteous here, but please, think people!

    Humiliation? why, was Sen. Trillanes alone with him when that incident took place? In fact, it was more humiliating when Sen. Miriam called Gen. Reyes the "greatest moron" during the senate hearings... Pero me nagreklamo ba? wala...

    Remember people, it was not Sen. Trillanes who pulled the trigger, it was Gen. Reyes himself who decided to end his life... a cowardly way of facing (or evading) the truth!

  15. Kelan pa naging honorable ang isang kurakot? Gen Reyes is a man of honor.. honor violation... sya ang dapat na magkaroon ng uncavalier award! Gen Reyes'suicide is an admission of guilt!

  16. Me? Applauding and glorifying Reyes? Cite specific examples, plez.

    Just come to terms with the facts: Trillanes is now a politician. And the thing with politicians is that it becomes more of a public relations game -- a game that Trillanes seems to be losing. He's toast.

    Kawawang bata. :-D

  17. Oh men, you mean to say you are writing without knowing the essence of your article? you have implicitly glorified Reyes by putting down and criticizing Trillanes... or perhaps you just have something against Trillanes?

    Either way, here is a concrete example of you citing a an article that dignifies Reyes

    "The four stars on the shoulder pads of Reyes shine even brighter in his death, leaving a legacy of honor and courage that may be difficult for men and women in uniform to emulate, [Maj. Gen. Leopoldo Maligalig, a former superintendent of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA)] said."

  18. Nah, that whole "implicit" glorification of Reyes is all in your head, dude. And, yes, I do have something against Trillanes if you hadn't noticed yet. I have an extensive portfolio of articles about Trillanes. Just go to my other blog and type "Trillanes" on the Google search box on the left panel of the site and you will find my other masterpieces dedicated to this bozo. Deal with it. :-D

  19. And there's even more dude.

    Check out this article which is also dedicated to our "senator" which I wrote for the seminal site You will note on the bottom of the article that there is a section labelled "You might also like" where you can find a vast library articles mostly authored by Yours Truly on the bozoman.

    Read it and weep. :-D