Friday, February 11, 2011

General Angelo Reyes's wake - Senator Antonio Trillanes conspicuously absent

Conspicuously absent from the wake today of former Secretary and retired General Angelo Reyes was none other than mutineer-turned-"senator" Antonio Trillanes IV. Trillanes viciously interrogated Reyes in a Senate "inquiry" into corruption in the Philippine military and made use of uncalled-for disrespectful words leading to speculation that the humiliation suffered by Reyes under what may ultimately be a pointless grandstanding exercise triggered his suicide.

Reyes is scheduled to be buried with full military honours on Sunday the 13th of February. His wake was reported to have been well-attended by both high officials of the military and government and ordinary people, friends, and family whose lives he had touched in life.
As AFP officials, enlisted and civilian personnel, and those from the police and other agencies once led by the late general such as the Defense Department, the Interior and Local Government, Environment and Natural Resources, Energy, and ordinary civilians joined the queue to have a last glimpse of Reyes, retired Col. Eduardo Batac, [Department of National Defense (DND)] spokesman said: “Napapansin po naman natin na napakadaming tao na dumadagsa dito. A lot of people have been touched by the late, the former chief of staff and the former secretary of national defense.”

Notable of all were the visits to Reyes's wake of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada, both of whom set aside the politics that would have complicated their presence there.

Estrada hinted the possibility that his son Senator Jinggoy Estrada may follow suit and pay his respects as well. Earlier, the younger Estrada had expressed what could be possibly regarded as regret for the way Reyes was treated in the Senate inquiry...
But Estrada—whose eyes were conspicuously red with dark circles around them—indicated that he should have been more circumspect during the blue ribbon hearings.

“I’m practicing to gag myself first. I don’t want to say anything while the family of Secretary Reyes is still in mourning,” he told reporters.


Estrada said he would rather that Reyes’ wife Teresita be spared from the hearing.

In contrast to the renewed gentlemanly conduct of the Estradas and President Aquino, Trillanes has adhered to his being quite clear about not being sorry about Reyes's death:
When asked further if he felt sorry for the death of Reyes, an upper classman in the Phil. Military Academy, Trillanes said: “No. Kasi sabi ko nga, I’m the kind of person who learns from lessons of life. And we would have wished or preferred that things were ended on a more pleasant note. That’s just how life was meant to be for all of us.

Trillanes also believed that "that was how life was meant to be for Secretary Reyes".


  1. There is an impression among the outside observers that this Trillanes character is seriously playing with fire, and is probably going to deeply regret it sometime in the near future.

  2. Let loose Trillanes he has the makings of Pol Pot that Filipinos deserve since they have surrendered their rights and ofted to be slaves in their own country by their own people.

  3. It's pretty obvious that Gen. Reyes was not the kind of person that Trillianes, Rabusa & Jinggoy tried to make us believe. Those who went to his wake were only a portion of the silent majority who are not easily swayed by baseless & malicious accusations. PNOY & his asswipe senators should be mindful of the silent majority. PNOY's speech @ the PMA was adding insult to injury rather than uplift the dampen morale of the military. PNOY seems to have the talent of antagonizing people & making enemies, maybe more so because since he has been elected president he has been lacking of sleep... I would not be surprised if one day there will be military unrest. God save the Philippines....

  4. haha!baseless and malicious accusations?the evidences are right in front of your face and now you are saying baseless and malicious? It's no wonder incidents of corruption in the country are getting worse; there are people like you how keep on tolerating it.

    What's the title of this blog, It's simple, really: News commentary from the right perspective? Perspective of GMA and her allies?

  5. What "evidences [sic]"? As I mentioned earlier, prosecution is done at courts of Law and not in Legislative "hearings". Trouble with people like you Mr "Anonymous" is that you make it all about whether one is "pro" or "anti" whoever. And then you claim it is all about "evidences"? Tsk tsk...