Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fresh out of prison mutineer Antonio Trillanes fails to understand his job as Senator of the Republic

It turns out mutineer-turned-"senator" Antonio Trillanes does not really understand what Senate "inquiries" are really for. As he lashed out at what he described as the "black propaganda" supposedly being mounted by elements associated with the "past administration" Trillanes revealed his deeply-flawed regard for the true purpose of investigations conducted by legislators...
[In the aftermath of the suicide death of Ret. Gen. Angelo Reyes] Trilanes [sic] said that he and the Senate won’t “back down.” “No, that will not happen.. We'll keep on digging into this thing until we catch those who stole from the nation’s coffers,” he said.

Trillanes wants to "catch" people. But catching people is the job of the police, and prosecuting them is the job of the Department of Justice. Legislators on the other hand make Laws. And as such, it is quite apparent that Trillanes fails to grasp the point of such exercises, articulated spot-on by a Netizen in his post dated the 10th Feb 2011...
Parang OGAG. Doesn't even know that they are investigating in aid of legislation, not to catch thieves. That's the work of the PNP and the NBI.

[Boldface added for emphasis]

Trillanes's vicious and disrespectful treatment of Reyes in a cross examination as part of a Senate inquiry into corruption in the Philippine military is widely seen to be a factor that led to the suicide death of Reyes on the 8th of February.

As has been observed many times before, members of Congress are there not by any qualification other than the popular vote. As such, they merely reflect the character and quality of their constituencies.


  1. It was a big surprise for us that the head of the mutiny at Oakwood was elected senator. Of all places where they can stage their mutiny, why do they have to do it in a five star hotel? Why didn't they face their supposed to be enemy head on. Such a coward act.

  2. we know that these big fishes whom you want caught by the police and the department of justice were just too big for them. if it takes a senate inquiry to unmask these corrupt people to the point of catching them, so be it, so much the better for the benefit of the filipino people. i can forgive the arrogant actions of sen. trillanes as long a he brings home the bacon.
    to trillanes: i did not vote for you but i offer a salute to your cause. but dont be overzealous. always stay on a solid footing.

  3. magkano bayad sa pagiging bulag at kawatan?

  4. The AFP is proud of Sen Trillanes and hate Gen Reyes and these can be attested by the frontline soldiers. However to those griping officers na hindi na mabibigyan ng pabaon and pasalubong... good luck on your hate campaign!Dapat sa mga honor code violator eh nao-ostracized! They should not be treated as honorable!

  5. All hearsay of course. Then again, this is the Philippines where trial-by-hearsay is more the rule than the exception. :-D

    1. you nailed it benigno. shameful ur using the name of a traitor ninoy aquino.