Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God needs to deal with Noynoy's attitude and not his lack of fortitude

The Prayerful One offered a prayer during the K4 Philippines Intercessors' Convergence (whatever...) held at the Pasay City World Trade Center. President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III prayed for "more strength to face the challenges of running a country and fortitude in dealing with criticisms". Perhaps by having this prayer reported by the Philippine Media, Noynoy would then have it on public record that God is responsible for his acquiring said fortitude.
He added that with the Lord's guidance, the Filipino's hope of reaching true peace and prosperity was becoming a reality.

However, he lamented, there were those who still stand in the country's path of growth and continue to test our strength as a nation.

Give us the strength and fortitude to face these challenges, the President said.

Recall, however, that in a separate report, we find Noynoy referring to these challenges as his life's "kabuwisitan"s ("pain-in-the-ass" in the Queen's English).
"So 'pag ako po ay hinaharap ng kaliwa't kanang problema at kaliwa't kanang kabuwisitan, parati hong bumabalik, nanay ko pumasok sa trabahong ito kumbaga walang blueprint," Noynoy said.

(So when I'm assailed left and right by problems and headaches, I always recall that my mother assumed this same task with no blueprint as it were.)

So perhaps the real issue here that God needs to deal with is Noynoy's attitude and not his lack of "fortitude".

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