Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ronald Singson: a case study in swift and non-political Hong Kong justice

Congressman Ronald Singson faces life in prison, a USD 644,000 fine, and expulsion from the Philippines' House of Representatives after admitting to being a cocaine and amphetamines user and being in possession of $2000 worth of cocaine as he passed through Hong Kong airport. Trouble is, Singson tested negative for drug use -- which then sheds doubt on his claim that the drugs in his possession were for "personal use".


Recounted in a PhilStar report...
Singson was apprehended last July 11 at the customs arrival hall of the Hong Kong International Airport for trafficking in 14.8 grams of powder containing 6.67 grams of cocaine, and 2 tablets of nitrazepam.

Two plastic bags of 1.51 grams of powder containing 0.65 grams of cocaine, and two tablets of nitrazepam were found in his checkbook. Another plastic bag containing traces of cocaine was found in his wallet.

After body search, a plastic bag of 12.26 grams of powder with 5.58 grams of cocaine; a glass bottle with 1.02 grams of powder containing 0.44 grams of cocaine; and a plastic spoon containing 0.01 grams of powder containing cocaine were found in Singson’s underpants.

In its summary of facts, the prosecutor said the cocaine seized from Singson had a retail value of approximately HK$ 15,791.60 or P89,634.28.

The point is, the process was quick. The way things are sprinting along in ├╝ber-efficient Hong Kong, Singson will be behind bars there way before any sort of resolution will be seen on the question of his continued membership in the Philippines' House of Representatives.
Since day one of the controversy, the House leadership has hemmed and hawed about what to do with the Singson case. Granted that legislative courtesy would require that the leadership should give him the benefit of the doubt, still the ethics committee should at least have initiated an inquiry into the matter in order to disabuse the public of the suspicion that the chamber has been protecting one of its own.

Singson leaves an Ilocos Sur dynasty that counts his daddy, Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis "Chavit" Singson, and a brother Vigan City Vice Mayor Ryan Singson pining for his troubles to "end soon". Unfortunately for the Singsons, the power to make things "go away" with the wave of a hand does not extend to the Hong Kong criminal justice system.


  1. He's damned lucky he decided to go to Hong Kong instead of Singapore. At least Hong Kong doesn't hang people for drugs.

  2. I'm surprised he din't shout, 'its a plant!' China had bad experience with the Opium Wars that turned its citizens to vegetables.

  3. Cocaine is out of the system in 24 hours.

  4. ...And anyone with even a casual coke habit could tell you that if you're holding, you're going to use it. Coke is not a "save it 'til we get there" kind of drug. Dealers, however, tend not to dip into their inventory, because that sort of thing can get out of hand pretty quickly. The coke dude always has his stuff in two, three separate packages -- one for him, the rest for commercial purposes. Always.

  5. we don't need a drug addict as a Rep. or Cogressman. he should be out in congress no exception.