Friday, May 20, 2011

Philippine population growth rate declining but Thailand declining FASTER

Population growth in the Philippines may be declining, but Thailand still beats the Philippines as far as rate of decline is concerned.

Population growth rate
Percentage change of resident population compared to previous year.


The results are not surprising:

Country GDP per capita | population (2008)
Source UNDP:

1 Singapore 34,152 | 4,680,600
2 Brunei 32,501 | 391,450
3 Malaysia 6,146 | 27,544,000
4 Thailand 3,400 | 62,828,706
5 Indonesia 1,824 | 234,693,997
6 Philippines 1,590 | 86,973,000

From East Asian posterboy to East Asian basketcase. Moral of the story is a validation of this simple definition of poverty:

A habitual entering into commitments one is inherently incapable of honouring.

It's simple, really™.


  1. Even though Thailand isn't a place where there aren't many people, it is still a very interesting place. It has so many great foods! and if you've been to an American hotel than Thailand hotels are heaven! You should go there, it isn't a bad place. I have been there every year because I love the place. There is nothing wrong with it. The only bad thing is that they have floods some times.

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