Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pro-Life Ph's Eric Manalang condemns 'state sponsored and unholy acts' of CCP and Mideo Cruz

Perspective seems to be in short supply in the Philippines today as "so-called Christian groups" reportedly push plans to rally against the Cultural Center of the Philippines today.
Eric Manalang of Pro-Life Philippines also urged all Catholics and Christian organizations to join the picket rally to condemn the "state sponsored ungodly and unholy acts" against Christians.

Funny how the definition of "ungodly and unholy acts" suddenly and arbitrarily gets applied to an artist and an institution on the basis of what a single man says is so. According to Manalang, "God-fearing people" are "marginalized", which conveniently appeals to the victim mentality Filipinos have for so long been renowned for.

Eric Manalang is the president of the group "Pro-Life Philippines". The group has been known for its militant brand of religious zealotry known to manifest itself in violent and abusive behaviour against those who beg to differ to their views. Manalang himself is reportedly a bigot and refers to his opponents as "Satan" among other things...
What’s worse, he — and other Pro-Life members — asked [supporters of the Philippines' proposed Reproductive Health Bill] to tell their mothers that they should have been aborted.

Manalang also apparently fancies himself an economist and takes liberties to air his views on what is good for the economic health of the Philippines...
No population, no economy because no producers and no consumers. Simple truth. Poor people are the source of growth in an economy, not the wealthy.

He is also spokesman of the political party Ang Kapatiran ("The Brotherhood").

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